10 Best Things to Do in Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of the American Midwest, Wisconsin is a state brimming with natural beauty, vibrant cities, and a rich cultural heritage. From its picturesque landscapes to its diverse culinary scene, Wisconsin offers a unique blend of experiences that captivate both residents and visitors alike. Join us on a virtual journey as we delve into the highlights of this enchanting state.

1. Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

Best things to do in Wisconsin Harley Davidson Museum

The Harley Davidson Museum was our favorite attraction in Wisconsin, and we aren’t even Harley fans. It puts on an awesome display of interactive exhibits that explore the historic American brand.

This museum has a collection that includes more than 450 motorcycles and artifacts. From vintage models to modern marvels, the museum showcases the evolution of Harley-Davidson over more than a century.

Explore exhibits such as the Engine Room, which delves into the mechanics behind these powerful machines, or the Experience Gallery, where you can saddle up and get a feel for the freedom a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can provide.

Whether you’re a lifelong Harley fan or new to the world of motorcycles, this museum offers an engaging and enlightening experience. Check out all the Best Things to do in Milwaukee here!

2. Milwaukee Art Museum

Best Things to do in Wisconsin The Milwaukee Art Museum

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the largest and most significant art museums in the United States. With a collection of over 30,000 works, it spans everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary art.

The museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is a work of art in itself and has become an iconic symbol of the city. Just walking up to this museum is an event.

Spanning four stories, this remarkable museum offers an extensive array of exhibitions, from European masters to influential contemporary artists.

3. Historic Third Ward, Milwaukee

Best Things to do in Wisconsin Historic Third Ward Milwaukee

Experience a blast from the past when you wander through the historic Third Ward. Once a bustling warehouse district, it is now a hub for art, shopping, and dining. Its renovated buildings are home to an array of businesses that maintain a connection to the area’s past while offering modern amenities.

The area is designated a National Historic District, which exhibits beautiful architectural designs and is home to both captivating shops and top-notch restaurants.

Stroll the neighborhood’s streets to explore boutique stores, art galleries, and eateries. The district also hosts the Third Ward Art Festival and the popular Milwaukee Public Market, where you can sample a range of foods from local vendors. The Historic Third Ward presents a blend of the old and new, giving visitors a taste of Milwaukee’s vibrant urban scene.

4. Uncover Wisconsin Dells

best things to do in wisconsin Wisconsin Dells

Known as the “Waterpark Capital of the World,” Wisconsin Dells is a fun-filled destination for families. The Midwest’s premier vacation destination boasts an impressive number of indoor attractions and outdoor water parks, providing year-round entertainment regardless of the weather.

The term “Wisconsin Dells” refers to both the city of Wisconsin Dells and the surrounding area. The name “Dells” comes from “dalles,” a French word used to describe the narrow, gorge-like passages typically carved by rivers.

The Dells is situated along the Wisconsin River, which has, over millennia, shaped the area’s landscape, creating dramatic cliffs and canyons. The unique beauty of this area has made it a draw for tourists, artists, and nature enthusiasts for over a century.

5. Waterpark Resorts

Wisconsin Dells is famous for its high concentration of water parks, leading to the nickname “The Waterpark Capital of the World.” These include major indoor and outdoor water parks such as Noah’s Ark, America’s largest water park, and Kalahari Resorts, which features one of the country’s largest indoor water parks.

For those who want to step up their game, Mt. Olympus Resorts offers intense roller coasters plus outdoor Go-Kart tracks around this magical part of Wisconsin for all you daredevils out there. Everyone in the family will find something they love here!

6. Wisconsin Dells Boat Tours

Best things to do in Wisconsin Dells boat Tour

Explore the gorgeous region of Wisconsin Dells with a boat tour from Dells Boat Tours. Take in the views of Lake Delton, along with Blackhawk’s Profile and Chimney Rock, impressive sandstone formations set against lush pine forests that have made this destination so popular for generations. All while gliding on through the pristine waters of the Wisconsin River!

Experience all that stunning natural beauty right from your vessel as you marvel at it during scenic sunrise or romantic dinner cruises offered by our tours. There’s something special about navigating its beautiful waterways that will make lasting memories no matter what time of year you visit in beautiful Wisconsin Dells.

Whether you are touring on an Original Duck (World War II amphibious vehicle) or enjoying a sunset dinner cruise – Wisconsin Dells will provide a fun-filled holiday for the whole family.

7. Adventure Parks at Wisconsin Dells

Best things to do in Wisconsin Adventure Parks

Wisconsin Dells is a great destination for those seeking an action-filled day. At the Knuckleheads trampoline and indoor amusement park, you can leap around, while Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf offers mini golf with a pirate twist.

The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory has interactive exhibits that invite hands-on exploration of new ideas and concepts – all wrapped up in Wisconsin’s charming atmosphere!

8. Bello’s Circus Extreme Variety Show

Wisconsin Dells’ Palace Theater was a professional venue for the performing arts. Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, the theater used to showcase a variety of top-tier shows, ranging from Broadway musicals to classic plays and concerts.

The Dells Palace Theater closed down in December 2022 but has now reopened as the Bello’s Circus Extreme Variety Show. This is fun for the whole family and features cool stunts, comedy, magic, and a whole host of other performers.

For those seeking more natural experiences, the Wisconsin Dells area is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. You can explore the Wisconsin Dells and its scenic gorge, known for its sandstone bluffs and formations, via a boat tour or a hiking trail. Whether you’re sliding down a thrilling water slide or marveling at the rock formations, Wisconsin Dells offers diverse experiences that make it a top choice for any Wisconsin itinerary.

9. Explore Lake Geneva’s Charm

Best things to do in Wisconsin Lake Geneva

If you’re looking for a little break from the hustle and bustle of city living, Lake Geneva is your perfect spot. Located between Milwaukee and Chicago, this picturesque small town brings with it an atmosphere that’s calm and serene. From leisurely strolls along its scenic lakefront to amusement at Tristan Crist Magic Theatre shows, there are countless attractions all around!

Take in some truly stunning views when exploring Black Point Estate or boating on one of the nearby lakes. Plus, downtown shopping & dining experiences offer even more fun activities.

Whether it be wandering through quaint Victorian estates or getting lost in timeless illusion shows, come explore everything beautiful Lake Geneva has to offer!

10. Lake Geneva Cruise Line

Best things to do in Wisconsin Lake Geneva Cruise Line

Take in the beautiful sights on an enjoyable boat cruise with the acclaimed Lake Geneva Cruise Line. Glide across tranquil waters and be captivated by stunning vistas of elegant mansions, lush landscapes, and more!

You’ll find a voyage to suit any taste, ranging from group outings, themed tours or exclusive charters. A sunset dinner cruise is a great way to take in the views of the lake at golden hour.

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